3 Interview Tips to Land You the Job


Congratulations! You just got off the phone and received an invitation for a job interview. After applying to numerous positions, you now have to switch gears into interview mode. Sure, the resume got you the interview, but the interview is what gets you the job.  We highly recommend that you get ready, mentally and physically for a successful interview. Here are 3 interview tips that we recommend:

  1. Prepare, prepare, prepare!

Come prepared for your interview by researching the company beforehand.  This is a simple and mandatory task, but you'd be surprised how many candidates forget this step.  Take advantage of that, and read through the company website, google them, read reviews, etc. During the interview, employers will ask you many questions you may have already read about.  It's a great way to let them know that you did your research and came prepared. In addition, keep in mind that interviews are a mutual exchange of information.  You're interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you. Don't be afraid to ask questions before the end, and keep the interview conversational.


  1. Be the best version of yourself.

You might have jitters but strive to be the best version of yourself.  Employers want to see if there is something more than just work in common with you and the company. There are a number of considerations when hiring someone, not just skills alone.  Show the employer that you will be a great addition to the team through your work experience, and your personality.  Whether you're interviewing with one person or a group of individuals, keep the conversation light hearted at first by discussing the weather, your day, asking about theirs, etc.


  1. Be thankful.

Be thankful about your previous experiences, no matter how big or small the role was and reflect on a good memory.  Having a positive, optimistic and humble demeanor will give off a great impression.  Also, whether it is through email or leaving a voice message, thank the employer for their time and consideration. Employers receive thousands of job applications and they gave you the opportunity to show what you got!  Let them know you appreciate it since it is often a disruption to their workday to simply interview you.

Finally, it's important to ask what the next steps are in the hiring process. It shows that you felt good about the interview and proactive about what to expect next.

Landing a job interview is the first step to making it in the door. Believe in yourself and others will see it too! An interview may lead you to embark on a new and exciting adventure. Show them what you can offer and never forget that interviewing skills doesn't always come naturally.  Prepare, be the best version of yourself, and be thankful.

We wish you the best of luck in job searching!  Let us know if you found these tips helpful and you can share with your experiences or other vital tips too!