How to Optimize Google My Business

There are customers looking for your business online right now. What will they find? That’s where Google My Business comes in. This elegant Google tool is like your virtual business card but better. It gives your customers all the information they need to know from your hours to your location and even parking availability without having to dial your number. It’s a win-win. More information for your customers and less of your time interrupted with the same questions over and over again, talk about smart productivity hacks.

Taking the time to optimize Google My Business can make it even easier for your customers to connect with you AND increase your profits at the end of the day. How? Read on to find out.

*Before you start looking to optimize Google My Business, make sure you’ve gone through the simple steps of ‘claiming’ your business and setting up the basic information. Input your address and phone number EXACTLY as it’s listed on your website—any inconsistency negatively impacts your ranking.*

Fill Out Your Listing

Sure, you have your basic information out for all your customers to see, but don’t stop there. A complete and helpful Google My Business listing not only looks more professional, but it also improves your chances of showing up in a search.

If you haven’t updated your listing in a while, you may be missing out on new features Google’s added. For example, you can add a profile photo, cover photo, and even videos. Add the appropriate category, description, and attributes so your customers can get a clear look at what you offer.

When you want to optimize Google My Business, it’s critical to take advantage of all the opportunities you have to share what you do in an easy to understand way.

Help yourself prevent burnout and give your customers everything they need to know upfront.

Interact with Customers

A huge part of gaining success with Google’s algorithm is the interaction customers have with you online. If real people are going to your site, checking out your stuff, and posting good things about you, Google assumes your business is what people want to find.

How do you get your customers to interact with you online? Ask them to! Getting reviews from your customers is one of the best ways to optimize Google My Business. When you finish working with a customer and they seem satisfied, ask them to help you out and leave a review.

You can also interact with customers using the Google My Business Messages tool. How cool is it that your customers can look you up and click ‘Contact Us Now’ to instantly ask you questions? Not only will you be helping your customers, but you’ll also be impressing Google and that is worth a lot of moolah.


Give Updates

Did you know you can post updates through your Google My Business account? Say you’re having a special sale for the next month. You can make a post about it and share it on your Google listing so new customers see it immediately when they look you up online. Instead of having to get customers to your website or social media channel, you can entice them straight from Google search!

Use Google Posts to talk about new products, upcoming events, exciting accomplishments, and more. You can even add call to action buttons to these posts to motivate your audience to make a move now. This feature enables you to speed up the pace of business, get your customers to act, and add more green to your bottomline.

Keep Google Posts in mind as you update social media for your business. This tool is a brilliant way to share news with people who aren’t following you yet. Just remember that posts disappear after 7 days and have certain text requirements. Practice using this tool and you’ll soon get the hang of it.

Take Advantage of Insights

As customers interact with your listing, they are giving Google and you valuable data. Luckily, Google has given you access to this data with Google My Business Insights. With this tool, you can find out how customers are finding you, what they’re doing once they get to your listing, how many calls come from them clicking your number, and more.

You can use Google My Business Insights to better understand your customers and make any needed changes to motivate them to do what you want them to do.

It’s your turn. Take these tips and go optimize Google My Business!