7 Businesses To Start Other Than Blogging

Feeling the urge to be your own boss? Blogging is certainly not the only place to turn. While those Instagram Influencers make the blog life look pretty and profitable, it can take years to build a platform that makes you money and gives you the freedom you’ve been looking for.

When #Bosslady is the title of your dreams, check out these businesses to start instead of going straight to blogging. You may find one business idea that fits perfectly with your natural strengths and interests. Hello, flexibility and hello, bossdom!

Freelance Services

If you know you’re done to the 9-5, but you still want a career working your strength, freelance services are a great way to go. Services like graphic design, copywriting, virtual assistance, branding, accounting, and more are easy to offer on a per project or per hour basis that gets you the freedom you desire.

While it can take months or even years to make money blogging, starting a freelance business can have the money rolling in this week.

This business type works best if you’re most interested in offering a service of some type. Jumpstart your freelance career today and do what you love on your own terms.

Consulting Agency

A consulting business or agency takes services to the next level. Instead of offering one type of service all on your own, you may manage a team and potentially offer a number of services. Agencies typically work with other businesses instead of individual consumers and lead them through a process to come to a desired result. At LNCG, we work with tech companies to build visually stunning brands, websites, software and apps. We do this by offering services like brand strategy, sales enablement, art design/development, communication, and more.

Do you see yourself leading a team to support other businesses with your standout services? Launching a consulting agency may be a great business to start. Consulting agencies come in all shapes and sizes from advertising, design, and social media to financial planning, leadership training, and beyond.

Handmade Products

For those future CEOs who consider themselves crafty or creative, starting a handmade business can be the best way to go. Have you made something that your friends freak over? It could be anything from a hip accessory to an effective hack of some sort. Social websites have made it so easy to sell your handmade stuff online - without putting up much money upfront.

Take a shot at starting a shop on Etsy, Instagram, or Facebook. There are so many places you can sell your stuff, that it’s not that hard to find one that works for you. This type of business is a great way to dip your toe in the water. You don’t have to open a full-blown shop to see if it’s what works for you.

Resell Products

If you want your business to focus on products rather than services, but don’t want to make anything yourself, reselling is a great way to go. This one is for those thrifters and treasure hunters. You could turn your hobby of finding vintage clothes or farmhouse furniture into a business that makes you money.

Maybe you start by simply getting rid of clothes you no longer want and then find you like it enough to make it a business. You could also go the wholesale route and find a great product to brand and sell on Amazon. A reselling business can be customized to how much you want to be involved.



Have bigger dreams of becoming the next online entrepreneur to create a program people obsess over? Even if you don’t have the technical skills, you can come up with the concept and lead the development of the next big thing in technology.

What does a software startup look like? Zapier, ConvertKit, Asana, and Stripe are all great examples.

Starting a tech business like this generally takes more of an investment - both in your time and money - but it can pay off big.

If you have an idea for software that solves a real problem, it’s worth getting feedback from potential customers and seeing if it’s worth pursuing.

Brick and Mortar

Don’t forget about the old-fashioned route! Before the internet, a brick and mortar business was the only way to go. While renting out a space and getting inventory can be risky, it could also be the perfect model for the business you want to build.

The brick and mortar business has evolved to not only mean your normal storefront. You could start a pop-up stand selling your stuff or work out of a van. When you think of your physical space as flexible and get really creative, starting a brick and mortar business doesn’t seem as difficult.

Local Service

Another option for a more physical business is a local service. This could mean anything from massage therapy, doggy daycare, and adventure tours around town to wedding planning, language translation, and child care.

If community is important to you and you have a great service to share, launching a local service business may be the right route for you.


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