5 Reasons Why More Women Should Start A Business - That Means You

In recent years we’ve seen the rise of the #GirlBoss with wonder women like Sophia Amoruso, Emily Ley, Sara Blakely and so many more. With the technological resources of today, anything is possible and women are taking advantage of the opportunity.

While Silicon Valley may be overcrowded with male entrepreneurs, women business owners are on the rise and for good reason. Studies show that women often make better entrepreneurs than men because of our innate skills.

Have a business idea that keeps coming to your mind? Dying to get out of the corporate world? Read on to find out why we need more women, just like you, to start a business.  

Earn What You Deserve

Every day of the year (and especially Equal Pay Day), women fight to earn as much as their male counterparts doing the same exact job. Change is on its way, but it’s slow and income equality is still out of reach.

The gender gap isn’t just a problem for women, it could have serious implications on the economy as a whole. Fast Company reported that the gender wage gap could ruin the future U.S. economy.

One way to get past these issues of inequality is to start your own business. When you set out as an entrepreneur, how much you make is entirely up to you. You can ask for whatever you feel you deserve. There is no corporate policy or discrimination to go up against.

You are in charge and you have the power to earn what you truly deserve.

Plus, when you work for yourself, you can actually have more job security than you would working for someone else. Instead of working for one person who could fire you, you serve numerous people. If one client decides to quit working with you, you have several or even hundreds more to keep your business running. But if your corporate job cuts you loose, you’re on your own.

More women need to start a business in order to establish greater income equality and improve job security.  

Give Back to the World

Your ideas matter and when you keep them locked up in your head, no one benefits. So many women stay stuck because they tell themselves their ideas are stupid or they would never actually work. It’s your responsibility to go out in the world, get feedback, and find out what people really need. You’ll never know if your idea is truly needed until you go out and ask people.

If you don’t create this solution, who will?

Every entrepreneur has the opportunity to serve a market with a problem and essentially, make the world a better place. Even if you feel like your product or idea isn’t life-changing, you are likely in some way making life better or easier. Who’s to say that’s not important?

When one gender owns the majority of businesses, we get products and services all coming from one point of view. We need women to step up and share their unique ideas and businesses. Just imagine how much the world would change if women offered their solutions.

Design a Life You Love

As a society, we are stressed out. Working 9-5 doesn’t work for everyone, especially when there are other things you’d like to spend your time doing. By starting your own business, you get to create your own career, take the time to find your passion, and live your life the way you want.

Not a morning person? Set your own hours later in the day. Want to be done with work in time to pick up the kids? Make it so.

As a business owner, you have the ability to design a life you love. There’s no boss telling you where to be or what to do.

In the end, a life you want will make you happier. And when you’re happy, everyone around you will be happier too. We can contribute so much more when we do so from a positive place.

Increase Your Independence

When you open up a business, opportunities arise. You’re no longer stuck driving to the same place every day. You have the freedom to create your life anywhere. By starting your own business, you gain location independence, endless financial possibilities, and the freedom to choose your own projects.

There are no limits or glass ceilings when you’re the one in charge.

If you’ve always felt the call to live in South America, pay off all your debt, or work exclusively with an underserved audience you can do exactly that as a business owner.

Starting a business gives women the opportunity to live their lives as they please and amazing things can come from that. Jumpstart your freelance career today, pursue investment opportunities for your business idea, get started with a side hustle. There’s no telling where it will lead you.

Empower Others

As a business owner, you not only get the chance to change your own life, but you can also inspire those around you to change theirs.

Women entrepreneurs create new jobs and have the power to give those jobs to the people they want. No office politics involved. You create so much where nothing previously existed and that is an incredible thing to do for the world.

And your reach goes even further. When you take the leap to start your business, you can inspire someone else to do the same. Women business owners can lead to a domino effect of even more women business owners all creating value for the world.

Other women need you to empower them. As someone with ideas and ambition, that is your responsibility. Go for it!