How to Build a Successful Podcast

Ready to share your voice with the world? Find out how to build a successful podcast with the essential keys that are all too easy to forget. The number of people consuming podcasts is increasing dramatically, giving you a whole new audience to reach. Connecting with these people and providing value can make a huge difference in your business.

You’ve found your passion. Now, it’s time to build a successful podcast and share it with the world. Here are the steps you can’t miss as you launch the next big thing in podcasting.

Find Your Niche

A podcast is its own kind of product. You are providing something of value in return for people’s time. While podcasts are almost always free, you are getting an investment of time from your audience. Being able to whisper in their ears through a set of headphones is a very valuable place to be.

So, like any product, you need to be crystal clear on your niche. Who is your podcast for? This can be a little harder than you think because you need to find the balance between an audience that’s too broad and one that’s too narrow. For example, if you’re starting a podcast in health and wellness, targeting aerial yoga teachers may be too small an audience to make an impact. Going for something bigger like, wellness teachers of all kinds could give you a better space.

Spend some time thinking about your niche and then make each decision moving forward with them in mind.

You’ll build a successful podcast by creating it for your target listener in every way possible.

Master the Technology

Figuring out the tech that goes behind starting a podcast is one of the biggest obstacles aspiring podcasters face. Don’t let this hold you back! There are so many resources out there from podcasters who know what they’re doing.

Start by setting up the tech you feel comfortable with like your website, microphone, and headphones and then research what else you need. The reality is, you don’t need much. Podcasting is a relatively inexpensive project to launch.

The key with technology is to stay lean, but also provide quality. Your audience doesn’t want to listen to audio that’s constantly cracking and making strange noises. Do your best to provide your listeners with a great listening experience. It just takes a little research into what tech you need for a podcast to set yourself up for success.


Spread the Word

Once you have everything set up for your podcast, you’re ready to tell the world about it! What you need now is listeners, so start by going where your listeners are hanging out. Have you seen a big community of potential listeners on Instagram? Check out inspirational instagram accounts and get inspired to create your own. You may find your audience in a Facebook group, mom’s social club, or at an event.

Getting the word out as you build a successful podcast is most difficult at the beginning, but once you get that momentum going, you’ll find the growth to be more organic.

Don’t get discouraged if it seems really hard in the beginning. Try out different promotion techniques and see what works best for your podcast.

Encourage Feedback

One of the major ways podcasts grow is with reviews. Yes, all those podcasters you hear asking you to review their show are really working to increase their downloads, although connecting with listeners is a definite bonus.

As you start posting episodes, make sure to add a sound bite encouraging listeners to review your show on iTunes or wherever they are listening from. This will bump you up the ranks and help more people find your show.

Find a way that you feel comfortable asking for reviews. You could remind listeners that it supports your cause and helps others find your podcast and the advice you give. Or read listener reviews on your show and thank them by name.

Join a Podcasting Community

Want your podcast to make a best podcasts list? It might take some work, but the simplest way to reach your goals is to learn from people who have already been there. Joining a podcast community of hosts like you can provide you with incredible information and support.

Need podcast guests? Podcast hosts often exchange interviews with each other giving you someone to interview and giving you the chance to talk to someone else’s audience. Most people listen to more than one podcast after all, so there’s no harm in supporting a fellow podcaster.

Try out different podcasting communities on Facebook and other channels to find your favorite group of podcasters and grow your podcast.


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