How to Start an Etsy Shop Right Now

Ready to turn your Etsy addiction into income? It’s surprisingly simple to start an Etsy shop right now, but it helps to keep a few key things in mind. You do want to make sales after all. Read on to learn what it takes to launch an Etsy shop that will have you successfully selling your stuff and having a blast in the meantime.

Choose Your Niche

Etsy gives you the freedom to sell just about anything you’d want to, but that doesn’t mean you should offer everything you possibly can.

Sticking to one main focus for your store will help you attract customers and keep them coming back.

It can be confusing to customers if your Etsy store offers vintage records, costume jewelry, handmade journals, and Parks and Rec paraphernalia. Try to stick with one category of product or a theme that makes sense.

For example, your store could specialize in vintage clothing (hello future Sophia Amoruso!). Or you could offer custom rings made in your own special style. You could also offer art deco furniture you find while thrifting around town.

Before you start an Etsy shop right now, it’s essential to choose your niche and focus in on your specialty. This is how people will find you and know to come back for more.

Optimize SEO

Choosing a shop name is all fun and games, right? Nope! Every single thing you do as you set up your Etsy shop will make it easier or more difficult for people to find you and buy your stuff.

After you’ve chosen your niche - what kind of products you’re going to offer - you need to find out what keywords people use to search for those products. This is half using your common sense and half seeing what search terms are popular with a tool like Google Keyword Planner.

As you choose the name for your Etsy shop, select keywords, and add descriptions, you’ll want to use the keywords your customers are going to use when they’re shopping. For example, if you’re selling Star Wars coffee mugs, you’ll want to use keywords like ‘Star Wars mug’ and ‘Yoda quote mug’ depending on what your products are and what you think your customers will search for.

Get Inventory

If you’re starting an Etsy shop right now, you definitely need inventory. Whether you’re creating your products or offering secondhand finds, you need a good stock. Aim for offering at least 10 items in your shop.

Too few items in stock and customers won’t take you seriously. They also won’t be able to add multiple items to their cart or come back for more if you don’t keep your store stocked.

Get to work crafting or finding the perfect products to resell. Having a number of choices and constantly adding new things will encourage customers to keep coming. While one purchase is great, multiple and recurring purchases are really thrilling.

Put Up Your First Post

When you’re ready to put up your first posts, there are a few things to consider. First off, don’t stress too much. The process is simple and you can experiment as you go. The two most important things to think about are photos and pricing.

Your listing photos are the first thing your customers will see which makes them hugely important. Take your time to get great pictures. You want your audience to be able to envision themselves with the product. Make sure the pictures are flattering to your product and help your audience imagine what your stuff would look like in their life (or closet).

Pricing can be tricky. You have to consider all your costs from the time it takes you to run your Etsy shop to creating the product. Factor in the cost of supplies, shipping, and the inherent value of your product. It’s a good idea to look around Etsy at similar products in successful shops to see what your customers might think is a reasonable price.

Starting an Etsy shop right now can be a savvy way to boost your income. If you take the time to get good pictures and pricing that factors in all your costs, it will be more than worth the effort.

Share Your Stuff

Your Etsy shop is up and people can officially buy your stuff, yay! But you can’t stop here. To help people find your brand new shop, you need to share it. Talk about it on your favorite social media channel. Tell your friends and family. Start an Instagram page just for your shop. Post pictures on Pinterest. These kinds of things give you the chance to get people to your shop, even if they aren’t on Etsy at the time.

Marketing tools like developing blog content and even running ads can make a huge difference when it comes to the traffic your Etsy shop gets. More eyes on your shop almost always mean more buyers.