10 Inspirational Instagram Accounts Every Girl Needs to Follow

Instagram is my first thought in every long waiting line and TV commercial break. I swear it's like a reflex instinct. Bored? Open Instagram. Got a free minute? Go to Instagram. While Facebook has gotten a bad reputation for bringing your happy vibes down, it doesn't have to be the same with Instagram. I'm sharing my 10 favorite inspirational Instagram accounts to brighten your day in a second. We all want to be more positive right? Well now, positivity and inspiration can be right at your fingertips.

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But first, a little side note. Before you can start getting good vibes from your Insta account, you need to unfollow the accounts that make you feel bad. Even if it's an old friend or popular brand, unfollow if seeing their posts makes you sad or insecure. There are so many accounts that make life look perfect and that's not always fun to see when you're feeling down. It's just not worth it! I am ruthless about who I follow. Good vibes only, my friend.

OK, ready for some mega inspirational Instagram accounts? I pulled 10 of my personal favorite feeds to share with you. Let's do this!

1. Don't Call Me Pretty

*Cue Grace's You Don't Own Me ballad* You know, Harley Quinn's theme song? Yes, this Instagram account is all about empowering women to do and be more. There's a lot of pink, pretty pics, and serious feminist inspiration. Are you ready to kick butt or what?! Don't Call Me Pretty is one part femme, one part sassy, and three parts empowering.

2. Self Care Club

In a world that's telling you to constantly hustle, it's good to get a little self-care in your feed too. With sweet little messages like, "Everything you need is already within you," and "Self-care is a great spiritual act," you'll find it that much easier to take time for yourself. Plus, the feed is curated by a psychotherapist, so it's entirely legit.

3. The Conscious Cut

For the ethical-loving lady, Amber has put together the most inspirational of Instagram accounts. With an emphasis on 'cutting out the crap, slow fashion, and zero judgment', her feed is all feel good. Get inspired to be more conscious about the way you shop and live you life all the while taking a peek at her gorgeous pics.

4. Brevity

You might remember Brevity from Kickstarter and if you do, kudos to you. Brevity designs these ultra-sleek and versatile leather jackets, but besides being fabulous designers, Brevity is super empowering. They are definitely one for the girl boss to follow whether you want to be irreplaceable at the office or in your position as CEO.

5. Minimalist Baker

If you're going to scroll through food pics on Instagram, you might as well do it right. Minimalist Baker is a blog of plant-based and gluten-free foods and it is gorgeous. Not only will these healthy recipes make you salivate, but you'll also get inspired by the ambitious and fun minimalist baker herself.

6. Ladies of History

Want to get inspired over breakfast? This inspirational Instagram account features amazing women of the past, many who you might not have heard of. Read their fascinating stories and be inspired to become a legend yourself.

7. Lady Damfino

Any Disney geeks out there? Lady Damfino is a Disney cosplay queen. She shares the cutest cosplay outfit posts from Sleeping Beauty to Archie Archibald. And even if you aren't Disney-obsessed, you might just get inspired to follow your own passion and unapologetically share it with the world.

8. Tatiana Salazar

Oh if you want to get your self-confidence levels up, this one is a good one. 'Equipping women to impact their world', Tatiana Salazar shares beautiful posts celebrating womanhood. Just listen to this one, "You are not a one in a million kind of girl. You are a once in a lifetime kind of woman." Mic drop.

9. Citizen and Darling

This swoon-worthy ethical clothing company is out for a good cause. Their mission is to fight human trafficking and restore identities. Think one part inspirational awareness and one part timeless style. Plus, there are some serious California dreamin' feelings from this one.

10. Les Naly

We couldn't not include Les Naly! And seriously, we'd be honored if you followed. We love to curate inspirational quotes, pretty pics, and a whole lot of girl power. If you're an ambitious career woman, girl boss business owner, or soon-to-be college grad, you'll get motivated to conquer the world with our Insta feed. Come join us!

What are your favorite inspirational Instagram accounts? Share them with us in the comments below!