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I'm an Entrepreneur, Writer, and Speaker


It all started when…

I was sitting at my desk listening to another employee ask me for career advice.  At the time I was the first female and minority executive at this particular medium sized technology company serving a global client base.  

I worked hard to attain that role, and found it incredibly humbling that anyone would come to me for career advice.  I considered it a great responsibility to provide guidance that could help others excel in their respective career goals.

I keep things real when discussing career and business advice.

For as long as I could remember, I always wanted to be a business owner and lead a creative career and life.  Throughout my schooling and work life, I always struggled with finding the right balance between pragmatic business roles and free-spirited creativeness.  I worked in jobs that were either too stiff with no creative outlet, or too creative that left me wanting some level of structure.

These two dueling sides led me down some interesting paths and took me on some wonderful adventures.  I longed for a job that would give me creative freedom, have financial security, and allow me to enjoy hobbies like writing, traveling, cooking, photography, music and more. 

Through years of trial-and-error I found that these two sides of me, the creative meets business gusto, was a strength and not a weakness.



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From brand partnerships to speaking and master classes.


I found that balance of creative and business in my chosen field of marketing.  

Through humble beginnings working at a technology startup and tenacious hard work, I slowly worked my way up to being Head of Marketing at two great companies - one at the cusp of the Electric Vehicle Charging revolution and the other in the exciting world of Data Centers and Cloud Hosting.  I am particularly proud of the former, having started as an original team member that turned an EV basement startup into one of the largest producers of EV Charging Stations in North America. 

My experiences reporting to and collaborating with a slew of talented founders, entrepreneurs, and CEOs further fueled my dream of being a business owner.  I wanted to have a creative business, have work-life balance, and build a meaningful life unique to me.

Finally, the day came and I quit the security of my 9 to 5 executive job, much to my traditional family's horror, and founded LN Creative Group (LNCG), a technology marketing agency. 

It hasn't always been easy.  Starting any business requires an incredible amount of hard work, focus, dedication, and fortitude.  I've learned a lot of lessons, sacrificed a lot of free time, and continue to grow each day. 

I believe that anyone can build the career of their dreams by working hard, being kind, and staying humble. 

I believe that entrepreneurship is about making a difference in people's lives.  I also believe that building a creative and meaningful business means serving those who work for you and with you.  Keeping this philosophy in mind has guided me through all my endeavors and is something I share with others whom are on their career and entrepreneurial journeys. 

My business is an endless work in progress, however, I've been able to achieve some things that I'm really proud and grateful of:



We help companies with Technology Marketing through my agency, LNCG.  We consider ourselves your marketing department and deliver Marketing-as-a-Service to a variety of startups and small to medium sized business, or SME (the backbone of the American economy).


My website has partnered with brands like AOL, Lilla P, and Purpose Jewelry.  It is a resource to nearly 14,000 people per month with free downloadable content available to you.


Our recently launched YouTube channel and burgeoning public speaking events provides me the opportunity to continue teaching marketing, giving career and business advice, and an outlet to meet you IRL (in real life - yes!).


Which brings me to you...

I'm here to roll up my sleeves and help with business advice and marketing strategy. 

Whether you're starting a business, need career advice, or simply need a boost in morale - I've got your back.  I'm also here to learn more about your experiences and have meaningful conversations that allow both of us to grow.  This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship!

I'm very grateful and thankful to devote my life to helping people through my website and business. It's truly a gift to lead the creative and business life that I always dreamed of. 

However, I also have moments of self-doubt, anxiety, and fear that every entrepreneur feels.  I've learned many lessons along the way, and I've lived those paralyzing moments of fear and euphorias of met goals. It's important to embrace all of it and not let it get us down.  Use it as a positive force to propel yourself forward.


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As strange as it may seem, I try not to spend too much time online or on social media platforms.  I guess it's my way of living my personal best life since I work so much online.  We live in a time where social media can often have a faux shininess with every photo being pixel perfect. For this reason, I vow to always keep it real, and show the imperfect side of entrepreneurship as well. 

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P.S. I'm always curious to know your story and the one thing that you would like to learn about tech marketing for your business.  If you've got 5 minutes, email me. Thanks!