Meet Naly

Marketing Tech Entrepreneur, Writer, & Keynote Speaker

After a decade working in corporate Technology Marketing, Naly launched her Technology Marketing-as-a-Service company, LN Creative Group (LNCG) based in Baltimore, MD.

At 14 years old, Naly taught herself graphic design using her brother’s college textbook and companion CD one summer in upstate New York. Her passion for design eventually had her freelancing in high school throughout college for extra money. Her humble beginnings growing up in a Hmong-American immigrant family made her see the potential in entrepreneurship. Naly proceeded to spend the next decade working in creative marketing for green technology, cloud computing, and data centers. Today, Naly runs LNCG, is a writer, and a keynote speaker at business and women-centric conferences and events. Her hope is to give back to entrepreneurs with business and marketing advice.

Naly started her personal blog while still employed as a Tech Marketing executive where she mentored women and help answer questions. Within 6 months, her site was handpicked to be syndicated on AOL Lifestyle Collective. Her podcast #MarTechTalk is a business resource for entrepreneurs who want to leverage digital marketing to help grow their company. Her YouTube channel, Notes by Naly, is a web series about her day-to-day life as a modern female entrepreneur.

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