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A Career & Lifestyle Website by Naly Rice – Entrepreneur, Writer & Speaker

Naly’s Bio


“When Naly speaks to an audience she conveys her intended message with conviction and influence, personally connecting with her audience. Her demeanor and words resonate with people – empowering them to turn her insights into action.”

Maureen Edwards, SCORE Chair of Conferences and Workshops


Naly Rice is the Founder/CEO at LN Creative Group, a Writer, and Keynote Speaker. 

Her unique approach to digital marketing, encompassing art and business at the intersection of technology, has propelled the development of visually stunning digital experiences for tech brands that spans responsive web design, software user design, app design, product development and packaging. 

Her business acumen has been acutely mentored by working alongside a slew of successful tech Founders and CEOs who have helped shape and transform her approach to business from the beginning of her career.

Working in tech inspired Naly to start her personal site, a digital destination offering career and lifestyle advice for women who know how to play by the rules and aren’t afraid to break them. 

Carving a path all her own, Naly has been featured in both business, technology, and lifestyle websites. Her relatable, funny, and empathetic stories from employee to entrepreneurship turned her into a sought after Keynote Speaker.

She’s partnered with brands like Lila P. and Purpose Jewelry, companies who support women at work and in life.

She started LN Creative Group (LNCG), a technology Marketing-as-a-Service company, in 2013. Today, they have global clients in technology, healthcare, consumer goods, nonprofits, and government.

Naly Rice earned her baccalaureate degree in Mass Communications/Public Relations from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke, and she studied Public Communication at the University of Technology Sydney, Australia. 

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 Welcome to my world…

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Wife, Dog-Mom, Sister, Aunt, Friend

I’m an introvert at heart and love spending time at home, grilling with my husband, hanging with the dog, and some good music. I relish my time at home and use it to replenish myself before tackling my wonderful crazy life.



As the Founder/CEO at LN Creative Group (LNCG), my role changes on a day-to-day basis. I love working with our creative and development teams. I’m also doing behind-the-scenes things like ensuring our bills are paid, following industry news, developing business relationships, and even joining on sales calls.

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Keynote Speaker

I love connecting with other people, sharing stories, and finding common ground. It wasn’t easy coming up as a female, minority-owned business. I share stories and anecdotes that are as funny as they are heart-breaking.