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A Career & Lifestyle Website by Naly Rice – Entrepreneur, Writer & Speaker

Entrepreneur, Writer,& Speaker

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Move forward with an abundance mindset and build a career and life that is based in authenticity.
— Naly Rice


 Meet Naly


Naly Rice is the Founder/CEO of LN Creative Group, a Technology Marketing-as-a-Service company based in Baltimore, MD. She is a writer and a keynote speaker at women’s conferences and business events. Naly has led a unique career in green tech and cloud/data hosting as well as lifestyle. She’s worked with brands like Lila P., and Purpose Jewelry who share her vision of supporting women at work and in life.


Speaking Events

Naly is a charismatic, poignant, and empathetic speaker who personally connects with the audience at business conferences and women’s events. With over a decade working in corporate Technology Marketing, Naly launched LN Creative Group, a full-service Marketing-as-a-Service company. Naly sheds light on the journey from employee to entrepreneur as a modern minority business woman.