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Why Every Woman Should Live Alone At Least Once In Your Life

Every woman should live alone at least once in your life.  It’s not only a great way to learn financial responsibility, it’s also an important time to rediscover yourself.  Sure, having roommates is great and you can save more money.  But there is something very “grown-up” and independent about living on your own and learning who you are as an adult.

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Understand what you like/dislike as an individual.

Living on your own means you have the freedom to do exactly what you want, when you want to do it.  It’s exciting and can also be sort of scary at first.  Take the time to figure out what you like and dislike as an individual.  This is a great time to try new hobbies, meet different people, join meetup groups and weed out all the stuff you don’t necessarily like to do.

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You get to decorate exactly how you want.

This may seem trivial, but it’s actually a fun and creative exercise that will uncover your personal style and tastes.  You may surprise yourself.  Living with your family or with a house full of roommates doesn’t give you a lot of breathing room to carefully figure out what you want to surround your life with.  Living alone and having the freedom to decorate and furnish your apartment the way you want will give you a sense of true identity.

Learn financial responsibility.

Living with roommates does teach you a great lesson in financial responsibility – especially if one of your roommates can’t make their portion of the rent.  However, living alone is a new kind of sole responsibility because you can’t fall back on anyone.  This typically creates a sense of more responsibility and forces you to make more stable financial decisions.  And if you don’t, those lessons will definitely teach you a lesson to keep for life.

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Appreciate your own personal space.

The first time I lived alone, I was honestly a bit nervous.  Not only is the financial responsibility a big burden, living alone without a roommate to help fill the time felt a little daunting and lonely.  However, over time, I really appreciated having my own personal space and living independently.  It was really nice to hang out with friends and then go back to an apartment that was all my own to unwind, relax and replenish myself spiritually.

You decide who to let in.

Yes, baby – total control!  It’s your place, and life, so you get to control who can come to your place or not.  Don’t like somebody?  Don’t invite them.  Love some folks who make your world feel brighter?  Have awesome sleepovers!  Having your own place makes you the ultimate decision maker in figuring out who you want in your life and who you’d rather leave out easily.

Source: The Darling Detail

Routines and Lifestyle

It happens to the best of us.  You get all excited about living alone and then that joy wears off and people want to hang out elsewhere other than your apartment.  You start to slack off on keeping up with cleaning and realize you’re eating the same bad Chinese food again.  Living alone will make you realize that having a routine and figuring out what kind of lifestyle you want to lead is important.  It will force you to face yourself, discover and then develop a lifestyle that uniquely fits you.

Living alone is a great opportunity to discover who you are and learn a lot of life lessons, no matter how old you are.  I’ve lived alone numerous times in multiple cities and each time has been slightly different and filled with endless life lessons.  I’ve also known other women who never had the opportunity to live alone before getting married and having children.  Although they don’t regret their life decisions, living alone is often something I routinely hear is a life experience they felt was missing.

Why not take the opportunity to live alone now before those big milestones?

Have you lived alone?  What was your experience like?  Are there things you liked or disliked about living alone?

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