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Welcome to the new Les Naly!

We’re so excited to reveal our brand new site design! This has truly been a labor of love and we couldn’t have done it without our awesome team at Necon.  Together, we have been toiling for months on the right look and feel combined with great functionality to bring you the very best experience.

When we first conceived the idea for Les Naly back in 2013, we wouldn’t have imagined that it would take until 2016 for us to fully flesh out the business and to launch. It would take us another year, to present day, for us to fully actualize our original vision.  Great things really are worth the wait!

What we present to you is Les Naly, a dynamic digital media and marketing company.

Our digital magazine, LesNaly.com, is the premiere online destination for career and style conscious women who know how to play by the rules – and aren’t afraid to break them.  Covering editorial topics from career, life, style, beauty, and food. We’re building meaningful content written by women for women that inspire, motivates and ultimately empowers you to succeed at work and life.

The marketing division, Les Naly Creative Group (LNCG), offers full-service digital marketing services for businesses from technology to fashion. Our capabilities include branding, responsive site design, smartphone app design and development, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing and more. For small companies, we’re able to function as your website master so you save on costs and get all the benefits.

We’re a team of storytellers, writers, designers, photographers, developers and communication strategists here to transform your brand.

At LNCG, we also offer a unique marketing package for digital influencers and bloggers. This includes working with you to carefully review your content, and then develop a cohesive look and feel with matching digital assets.  We’re also able to function as an extension of your tech team so you can focus on building beautiful and inspiring content without the hassle of managing the intricacies of a website.

You’re now probably wondering how we got to this point.

The truth is, this has been our plan all along.  

We’ve spent years fleshing out the idea for Les Naly, and our launch last year served a critical period for us to develop and build content that truly mattered.  It was a very important time for our burgeoning company and we needed to take the long road to get here.

It also took time for us to build the right team.  Every business owner knows that finding and retaining good talent that fits with your company culture is an on-going challenge.  We want to make beautiful things for our customers, but only if we had the right team in place to see the vision through.  Now that our team is fully assembled, we’re rolling up our sleeves and building beautiful things together with clients.

I’ve spent a decade working in marketing and public relations including electric vehicle charging stations in green tech, protecting data in managed cloud hosting and site security, telling the art of ballet at all ages of life and more.  I’ve had the privilege of working and collaborating with numerous marketing agencies learning what worked and didn’t.

Throughout the course of our team’s careers, we’ve slowly been gathering data about what businesses want and need from startups to large corporations.  More importantly, we’ve had the opportunity to learn what their customers want and need, and how their business builds relationships off of mutual trust.

We’ve experienced the transition that marketing, social media and public relations have taken in the last 10 years.  It’s gotten way more frenetic with many, many more options for two-way communication.  What we’ve found over the years is that building a true connection with your customer base and building a relationship with them, not just selling them services or products, is the key. Today, marketing and public relations embody every aspect of a business, unlike it has before in history.

We want to help you tell your story and better connect with your customers.

As a team, we bring over 40 years of experience in branding and marketing combined.  We’re a team made up of Creative Directors, Communication Strategist, Photographers, Responsive Designers, and Developers.  At the heart of it, we’re a bunch of passionate creatives who love to build beautiful things because that’s what we love to do.

If you’re a returning visitor to the site – thank you!  If you’re new here, why don’t you stay a while?  Join our newsletter on the homepage for a weekly roundup of favorite articles direct to your inbox.

We hope you enjoy the new site as much as we do and can’t wait to bring you more!



Naly & LNCG Team

Inspiring, Motivating & Empowering content + products for millennial career-minded women.

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  • Wishing everyone a happy new year! 🎊 Cheers to breaking down more barriers for strong women! 🥂🎉💪🏼 #happynewyear #2018 #bosslady
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  • Been having some enlightened conversations lately about fear, regret and acceptance. Perhaps it’s because the end of the year is coming or perhaps it’s because I’m turning 30 next year. However, the older I get the more I realize how those big milestones are so silly. Everyone has their own path in life and everyone reaches them on their own time. #shootingstars #life #chooseyourownpath #matrix #universe #blessed #bosslady #bossbabe #femaleentrepreneur #entrepreneur #lifestyleblogger #careerwoman
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