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Summer 2017 Accessories

Oh summer, I’m so glad you’re finally here!  I’m clearing out my closet and storing away sweaters and winter coats with joy.  Gotta make room for new summer finds, so today I’m rounding up some summer accessories that I love, and you may also like.


Custom Leather Keychain Strap

I absolutely love these custom leather keychains from MayaaCo on Etsy. They come in a huge variety of colors and make great gifts and bridesmaid presents.  These handmade items are custom stamped and made in Dublin, Ireland.  Love, love love.


Woven Tote

Summer is perfect for woven totes whether you’re enjoying a day at the beach or attending a summer wedding. I’m almost hesitant to say that woven bags are pretty much the “it” bag of every summer, but nothing signals summer like a chic woven bag.  I love this Mar Y Sol “Collins” Woven Tote for its spaciousness and sustainable materials.


Crochet Swim Coverup Dress

Some people prefer wraps, but I absolutely love a crochet swim cover up dress for in between sun and swim sessions.  This black crochet dress from For Love & Lemons is my favorite.  It’s not too sexy, gives me enough coverage and can double as a summer dress with a black mini bodysuit dress underneath.



French women love espadrilles, and for good reason.  It’s stylish, provides height and still gives off a relaxed “not trying too hard” look.  This lace up espadrille from Soludos is a comfy and chic addition to your summer shoe collection.  I like to pair it with a nice summer dress or with a plain t-shirt and a metallic pencil skit.



There is nothing I dread more than a horrible face tan.  During the summer months, it’s easy to get the awful sunglasses tan on your temples and under eyes.  This Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection is a product I swear by.  I apply mine after moisturizing and before any makeup.  Works wonders!


Lip Protectant

My lips tend to chap easily in the summer if I don’t hydrate well enough.  Even when I do hydrate often, I still turn to my Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick.  At first I was skeptical with all the hype around this product, but after years of using it, I’m a true believer!  It’s no wonder why Victoria Beckham absolutely loves the Eight Hour Cream line of products.


What are some of your favorite summer accessories?

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