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Style Collage: Red, Hot & Bothered

Warm up those cool summer nights before fall comes with these red, hot and bothered looks we’ve put together.  You’ll be the belle of the ball in a hot red number.  The best accessory?  Confidence and a smile (look at you!).

Wearing red isn’t only for summer nights though.  If you’re heading to the office, slip on a red sheath dress and some black patent heels for a timeless and endlessly chic look.  Go ahead and wear it with confidence too, just be careful about how high the hemline is.

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  • Kaylyn Rhea

    I’ve never been bold enough to wear red like this. But I might this year!

  • I’m going to have to snag one of these for Christmas!

  • Courtney Consuella

    Loving the red!! This is perfect for the holidays. I’ll have to check out this site!

  • Patsy Janette Kilgore

    Its funny cause i have a slight aversion to red my grandma always said it was for whores. (ha ha go figure. I learned eventually she was quiet the little tramp) But nothing beats red lips and a beautiful red dress to go with it.

  • Red is not my favourite colour but this styling looks great. Thanks for the ideas!

  • Jane Shussa

    Red is not my go to color, but it won’t hurt once in a while. And this looks like one of those red dresses you must have in your closet.

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