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Selfishness and Time to Replenish

I’ve been feeling drained, uninspired and riddled with anxiety these last two weeks.

I finally feel like I’m coming out of my slumber. What I didn’t realize was that I really needed a break.  I needed a time out.  I needed to take care of my physical, mental and emotional health, which I had been neglecting.

You know what I’m talking about – I had all the tell tale signs…

I was putting everyone else’s needs above my own.  I was racing through my day and trying to do everything.  I didn’t give myself space away from the website.  Then anxiety would hit and I would be filled with all the questions in my mind.  The negative ones that tell you you’re not good enough, not worthy enough, not gifted enough — not enough.

Without giving myself a break and taking the time to love and care for myself my perspective deteriorated.

So, I decided to take a couple days to become a recluse, remove myself from my environment so I didn’t completely lose my mind and creativity.  I wrote, read, painted, listened to music and watched Nora Ephron films.  I went for long walks, enjoyed nature and really disconnected from my cell phone, social media, the business, etc.

And you know what? I feel so much better.

I also vowed that I would be more careful and selfish.

Selfish – it’s sometimes used as a dirty word.  But the older I get, the more I realize how important it is to be selfish sometimes.

I know for myself, being selfish with my time and energy is a way for me to preserve myself.

I simply don’t find joy in being around large crowds, partying and staying up all night.  It’s exhausting just to think about. Even when I was younger, perhaps I did all those things just to fit in, or feel like I had a sense of community with others.

Now, I know that I am an introvert at heart and I don’t have to hide behind a facade in order to get other people’s approval.

In the past (and let’s be honest, even sometimes now) whenever someone calls me selfish I take it as an insecurity of the person saying it to me.  As long as I’m serving them, and their needs are met, then I’m not selfish.  But if I say “no,” or simply can’t find the energy to fulfill their needs then I am selfish.

How unfair and dysfunctional is that?


But it goes on… and when you’re already feeling drained and down and someone calls you selfish your first thought isn’t, “how rude!”  It’s something else completely, and you feel guilt, sometimes even shame.  I struggle with this too sometimes.

Many people never learn to cope or deal with it.  If you’re dealing with the same thing then it may be time to sever ties with negative people or distance yourself from them – even if they are family or friends.

You deserve nothing but compassion, love, understanding, and acceptance for your feelings and emotions.

Never forget that.

There is a quote I love for times like these and it goes like this: “People aren’t against you – they’re for themselves.”

How true is that?  Completely!

Now that I’m reawakening from my slumber, I’m excited to let you know that our new website is almost done with development.  This has truly been a labor of love and in the works for the last 4 months with our creative team Necon.  I simply love them all and couldn’t have made Les Naly a reality without all those talented individuals.

When I first developed the idea for Les Naly in 2013, I couldn’t have imagined that it would take me until 2016 to fully flesh out the idea, develop the right look and feel and have a small but oh so humble team of creatives and writers to get us here.  Even with all our progress we’re still steadily growing and building with the intent of helping women just like you.

We will be doing an awesome giveaway to announce the launch of the new site so stay tuned.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support and take care.

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