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Recipe: The Easiest Avocado & Tomato Toast You’ll Ever Make


  • 1 whole avocado
  • 4 - 5 Grape Tomatoes
  • Salt
  • Red chili flakes (optional)
  • Good bread

I first had avocado on toast when I was living in Sydney, Australia.  I went to this cute little boutique coffee shop around the corner from my apartment and saw it on the menu.  It was absolutely delicious.  The bread – good.  The avocado – good.  The coffee – good.

Ever since then I’ve been hooked on avocado toast.

It’s incredibly easy to make and is a great snack if you’re in a hurry.

If I’m at home fixing something for myself I’ll reach for a good whole wheat slice of bread, always toasted first.  When I have friends and family or guests over, I put the mixture on top of a “fancier” bread like a french baguette or bruschetta bread.

Get your ingredients together and we’ll slice the avocado open, being mindful of the large pit in the middle.  Take a fork or spoon to scoop out all the avocado into a bowl and start mashing.  Sprinkle some salt to taste.  Some people like to add crushed black pepper as well.  I prefer to leave this out because I simply don’t enjoy the pepper on the avocado.

Now cut the grape tomatoes in half and lightly sprinkle with salt.

I wasn’t joking when I said this was going to be the easiest avocado and tomato toast you’ve ever made.  I love, love, love to eat this in the morning with a side of soft scrambled eggs and coffee.  I also enjoy this as an afternoon snack when I’m busy and on the go.  If you like a hint of spicy, crushed red pepper flakes lightly sprinkled on top is a nice fix.

Let me know if you like the recipe and tag me @lesnaly on Instagram or use #LesNaly so I can feature your creation!

What other ingredients do you like on avocado toast?


Photo Credit:  Naly Rice

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