New Updates From Me

New Updates From Me


It’s nearly 2 years since I started this website and have gone through many changes both personally and professionally.  Like all things in life, I’ve also changed and my outlook on this website has changed – or should I say narrowed?

When I first started Les Naly, my goal was to be more of a magazine with a robust editorial team.  I’ve gone through a number of iterations and really enjoyed those learning experiences.  I had the opportunity to work with some great writers and even one of my best friends for a while. Along the way, I also launched LN Creative Group, a tech digital marketing agency. The goal was to develop one company with a tech marketing arm and an editorial arm.  My good intentions suddenly turned into what felt like two companies.  As both initiatives started progressing it just felt so overwhelming.  I felt burnt out and what started as amazing momentum quickly turned into a plateau for both.  I simply couldn’t do both really well and expect a great outcome.

Running a marketing agency is my actual career – what I’ve spent the last decade working so hard on.  I now have a team of 14+ people working on a number of tech clients.  I still have so much more creative and strategic energy to share with tech companies on marketing, branding, and strategy. I had to really look deep within and after some time, praying, and consulting with my husband and friends I realized that I really needed to focus on LN Creative Group.

There are so many resources available online now for career women where their sole business is blogging about work.  Although I’m still passionate about helping women at work and life, I’m shifting the focus of Les Naly to be more of a personal website where I share content about career, marketing, and lifestyle.  I believe this reflects my current situation more and it also allows me to speak one-on-one with you better.

So what comes next?

Besides the new look and feel of the website, I want to create higher quality content less frequently.  Each post will have much more impact and have much more original content and visuals.  This reflects the amount of time I have on the side while running LNCG and the amount of time it takes to produce higher quality content.

I will be launching my YouTube channel as an extension of my blog where I talk about career, marketing, and other lifestyle topics. If you haven’t seen it yet, please visit my channel and I would greatly appreciate it if you subscribe.

LNCG is my main business and marketing is what I specialize in.  My team and I are so excited to dig in and help technology companies with their marketing efforts.  It’s been a long-time passion of mine and I absolutely love seeing ideas come to fruition.  I’m looking forward to growing my agency with undivided attention and developing more personal content here on Les Naly.

As usual, thank you for your continued support and seeing me through my evolution. It means so much to me and I look forward to what’s to come!


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