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Day-to-Night: Best Outfits for Office Parties

It’s not every day that you get to wear sequin pants, bold blazers, or metallic skirts at the office. As much as you can enjoy pushing fashion boundaries at your job on a daily basis, office party outfits truly (and often literally) let your style shine.

There’s a ton of different styles and options to choose from when preparing your office party outfit. So many, in fact, that we’ve put together this handy guide to help you prepare. As you get ready to wrap up another stellar year at your job, don’t forget to peruse our picks below for inspiration for office party outfits.

Printed Pencil Skirt

Source: Unknown

Swapping out your neutral pencil skirt for something bolder is a great way to transition your day look to a nighttime office party outfit. Whether you pick a more traditional style, like the Alter Tall Midi Pencil Skirt from Asos, or a vintage look, like the Care to Converse Pencil Skirt from ModCloth, there’s plenty of styling options. Loose wavy hair, classic pumps, and bold costume jewelry can help elevate the look.

Sequin Pants

Source: Unknown

Similar to swapping out your daytime skirt for a more standout piece, switching your everyday trousers with bold, shiny sequin pants can really transform your look. In particular, the gold Oro Sequined Joggers by Harlyn and the gunmetal silver Shay Sequin Pants from Trouve are both excellent picks. Remember that less is more when styling. Pair your shiny bottoms with a more neutral top, such as a basic blazer and blouse. Thoughtfully paired accessories, including a red lip or chunky watch, can also pull the look together.

Bold Blazer

Source: Karissa Marie

A pop of color is a sure way to infuse life into your otherwise normal office look. A bright blazer, like the scarlet Twill One-Button Jacket from Tommy Hilfiger, screams “holiday.” Apart from a red blazer, a bright blue, green, pink, etc. are also great options. The most important thing to pay attention to when purchasing your piece is fit. Also, pair the look with flashy loafer-style shoes, a small cross body bag, and large earrings.

Modern Classics

Source: Memorandum

Whether it’s a blazer with an exaggerated lapel or a shift dress with a dangerous (yet, still appropriate) side slit, try stepping up your work basics for a more toned down office party look. Specifically, check out the ivory Women’s Bow Tie Blouse from Land’s End and the navy Pinstripe Wide Leg Trousers from Ganni to recreate the look pictured above. A berry lip color, manicured nails, and minimal gold and silver jewelry are great additions to the outfit.

Metallic Skirt

Source: Cut and Chic

A metallic skirt, such as the silver Metallic Pleated Flare Skirt from IMNYC Isaac Mizrahi, is a fun piece that you can wear even past your office party. Pairing the piece with a fun feathery jacket and basics, such as ballet flats and a turtleneck, keeps it appropriate enough for your colleagues. With a look this bold, take it easy with your hair and makeup. A simple ponytail and a coat of mascara, blushed cheeks, and pink lip will do.

What’s your favorite look for office party outfits? Any idea what you might wear to your own work soiree? Let us know in the comment section! 

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