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We offer gift cards that are perfect for any occasion. All our gift cards come with a custom designed Les Naly note card, a special note from you, and complimentary gift packaging. All gift cards can be shipped directly to the recipients. For more information, please email us at hello@lesnaly.com.

Corporate Gifts

Please email us at hello@lesnaly.com to inquire about corporate gifts. Our team will be happy to work with you to create custom gift sets of Les Naly products that will be perfect for holiday, seasonal, annual, or rewards gifts. All corporate gift sets include a special note from you as well as complimentary gift packaging.

Bridal, Showers & Special Events

Certain milestones simply require a special and heart-felt gift. Our Team will work with you, hand-in-hand, to create custom labels for certain products such as candles, travel candles, wall art, and prints.  We’ll work with you, every step of the way, to ensure that you receive the perfect gift to help commemorate your special day. All our products include a custom designed Les Naly note card and complimentary gift packaging. To inquire about custom gifts for special events, please email us at hello@lesnaly.com.

All custom order items are specially made to order, and therefore, custom orders cannot be canceled once they are placed. Custom orders must be paid for in advance, and all sales are final.

Inspiring, Motivating & Empowering content + products for millennial career-minded women.

  • Remember the last time you thought your whole life would derail and yet you still got up anyway?  Your ability to defy expectations is beyond belief.  You will always prevail, XO, N. #empoweringwomen #bosslady #careerwoman #fempreneur #slay #vintage #red #instadaily
  • Don't lose your childlike faith. Let your imagination guide your success. Applauding you, N. #starsalign #universe
  • You are unforgettable... No one is you and that is your power. Everything you ever wanted - all your successes, accomplishments and triumphs are already inside of you.  If only you could see what I see.  By your side, XO, N. #goodvibes
  • The difference between succeeding and failing is believing with all your heart that you can.  Sometimes we think about our dream life and what that would look like.  We think about all the things we would have; the successes, the money, the respect, the love and abundance.  Well... what if you are living that life?  What if you just haven't gotten to that milestone yet? Don't give up yet, love. Always with you... XO, N. #yesyoucan #believeinyourself
  • Hey there, it's Naly! We're kicking off a new Insta theme and I couldn't be more excited.  I love the sexy, vintage, artsy look of these photos and I hope you do too.  I'll be posting more stuff on the site soon to inspire, motivate, and empower you, and myself, at work and life. Let's dominate at work in a bold, unapologetic way. Life's too short not to be the best version of yourself!  Follow me on Insta and RSS to my website for more. Thanks in advance, love. N. #bossbabe #bosslady #careerwoman #empoweringwomen #entrepreneur #instadaily #work #workworkwork

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