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Making New Friends
5 Smart Ways to Make New Friends Outside the Office

It can be such a hassle to make new friends outside of your work. While you have all day in the office, you don’t have…

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Holiday Gifts
Holiday Office Gifts For Everyone From Your Boss to Your Work Wife

It’s not what you know, but who you know. Rising in your career and enjoying what you do among peers starts with making connections. By…

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Career Change
5 Warning Signs That You Need to Change Careers

With the technology field constantly creating more jobs and the economic environment making it easier to start a business, career change is becoming more common.…

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Salary Negotiation
Salary Negotiation 101

Negotiating a raise is just about as pleasant as getting a root canal. Nobody likes to do it. Not you, not your boss, and definitely…

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Define Success
Define Success on Your Own Terms

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Balance Side Hustle
How to Balance Your Side Hustle

Maybe you’re an entrepreneur at heart, but you can’t afford to quit day job yet to pursue your passion full-time. Or maybe you’re happy with…

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8 Habits for Success
8 Habits for Success

If you are what you do, then your habits matter much more than you think. We all want to be successful, but how do we…

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Feel More Powerful
3 Easy Ways to Feel More Powerful at Work/Life

Power is all about control. Control over your career, control over your finances, control over your relationships, control over your lifestyle. Think about it. Doesn’t…

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Rookie Mistakes
5 Rookie Mistakes You’re Making at Your Job

Oh, the life a young, full-time working professional. Typically, full-time jobs require working five days a week for eight hours every day. If you’re trying to…

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5 Essential Steps for Building a Successful Freelancing Career

What’s better than being your own boss? Nothing, really. You get to take on work that you actually enjoy, keep all the profits for yourself,…

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  • #happynewyear #2018
  • Wishing everyone a happy new year! 🎊 Cheers to breaking down more barriers for strong women! 🥂🎉💪🏼 #happynewyear #2018 #bosslady
  • #happynewyear #2018 #magic
  • Been having some enlightened conversations lately about fear, regret and acceptance. Perhaps it’s because the end of the year is coming or perhaps it’s because I’m turning 30 next year. However, the older I get the more I realize how those big milestones are so silly. Everyone has their own path in life and everyone reaches them on their own time. #shootingstars #life #chooseyourownpath #matrix #universe #blessed #bosslady #bossbabe #femaleentrepreneur #entrepreneur #lifestyleblogger #careerwoman
  • Late at night when all the world is sleeping... 🌙 #latenight #artistsoninstagram #art #instagood #moonlight

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