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5 Things to Accomplish Before 9 A.M. For a Perfect Day

Let’s face it, the morning is just so much better with Beyonce (or Blake Shelton, if that’s your thing). Change it up based on the…

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3 Ways to Build Your Personal Brand Like a #Girlboss

Your personal brand is what makes you stand out. It’s what people remember you by. Whether you’re a corporate professional or an entrepreneur, it’s essential…

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4 Steps to Finding Your Passion and Scoring a Dream Career

No matter your age, finding your passion and scoring a dream career can seem impossible. While it was convenient to want to be a singer…

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9 Chic Cubicle Decor Ideas You’ll Fall in Love With

There’s nothing like chic cubicle decor to brighten your work day. Coming to a space that inspires you can transform the work you do. Check…

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I Couldn’t Help But Wonder – Are We Bitches?

Last year was all about female empowerment and the feminist movement.  It seemed like every female celebrity, friends, and colleagues were proudly announcing how they…

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Top Career Books for Women to Kick-off the New Year

Paying for textbooks was probably one of the most dreadful parts about college.  You stand in line for hours after scouring the aisles to make…

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Productivity Hacks
5 Tried & True Productivity Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Even the most self-motivated among us, find it harder to get things done in the winter. And the crazy thing? It seems like the busiest…

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Making New Friends
5 Smart Ways to Make New Friends Outside the Office

It can be such a hassle to make new friends outside of your work. While you have all day in the office, you don’t have…

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Holiday Gifts
Holiday Office Gifts For Everyone From Your Boss to Your Work Wife

It’s not what you know, but who you know. Rising in your career and enjoying what you do among peers starts with making connections. By…

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Career Change
5 Warning Signs That You Need to Change Careers

With the technology field constantly creating more jobs and the economic environment making it easier to start a business, career change is becoming more common.…

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  • Late at night when all the world is sleeping... 🌙 #latenight #artistsoninstagram #art #instagood #moonlight
  • Know your self worth, and lead a life that is true to yourself only. Take the chance - bet on yourself. #qotd #careerwoman #bosslady #fempreneur #womenempowerment #entrepreneur #slay #thursday #quotes
  • When I was a kid my mother put me in a dance group. I was the worst dancer and while everyone turned left, I turned right. Now I know, I wasn’t made to dance - I was made to lead. #dreamchaser #thoughts #mood #vibesdontlie #lifestyleblogger #femaleempowerment #fempreneur #bosslady #bossbabe
  • 🙌🏼#qotd #instagood #motivationalquotes #motivation
  • Feeling introspective today. As the year is coming to a close and I’m looking back, I feel so grateful for all the successes I’ve had. This year tested me like never before & I’m happy I stuck with it. I know deep down I can accomplish anything I put my mind to and I’m already living the life I’ve dreamed of. #dreamchaser #careerwoman #bosslady #art #creative #happy #thankful #blessed #lifestyleblogger #blogger

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