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Apps to Help You Launch a New Company

Much of our day-to-day lives revolve around technology. Our cell phones, tablets, and laptops have become necessities—on both a personal and professional level. Besides keeping us connected, these gadgets are also rapidly becoming essential for managing business. Many companies have turned to online resources to build their websites, market their products or services, and monitor industry news. Picking up on this trend, there are now apps developed to help entrepreneurs start their own business.

Check out these must-have apps:


Shopify is a simple and reliable app that is ideal for ecommerce businesses. It’s easier to set your store up via desktop, but once that is completed, you can manage your entire business from your phone. Available on Desktop, iOSAndroid &Windows.


It’s rare that people always carry cash, and you’ll lose business if you have to tell clients that you only accept cash payments. Payfirma is an app that accepts credit card payments. It’ll help you track other payments, issue refunds, and send electronic receipts. Available on Desktop, iOS, Android, & Windows.


Time management is a valuable skill, and it’s especially important when you’re running your own business. Things will help keep track of all the tasks you need to do (both for your business and home life), and this app will remind you when it’s time to complete specific tasks. Think of it as a day planner—only more detailed. Available on iOS.


PayPal isn’t new, but it’s certainly used worldwide. PayPal is easy to sign up, and it’s a safe and secure payment system that both clients and businesses trust. PayPal includes an invoice generator that sends invoices directly to clients, and it can be linked directly with your bank account. Available on Desktop, iOS, Android, & Windows.


LinkedIn is the leading social media networking platform for professionals. Not only does it allow you to network with professionals, but it also provides industry news relevant to your business. LinkedIn allows you to set up a business page, which will help enhance your company’s credibility, attract potential investors, and promote your products or services. Available on Desktop, iOS, Android, & Windows.


Tracking business expenses can be hard—especially if you’re a start-up company. Concur is an excellent tool that records all your expenses and allows you to snap a picture of the receipt for record-keeping. It even tracks business travels so you can stay up-to-date on any changes to your itinerary. Available on Desktop, iOS, Android, & Windows.


There are so many tasks to check off when starting a new company, and it can be easy to forget important steps. Using any of these helpful apps can help keep you organized, legitimize your business, and help you network—all through your phone. Do you have your own company? What apps would you recommend?

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