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Notes by Naly – New Series

We’re launching a new personal series here on Les Naly written by me, the CEO and Chief Creative Officer.  I was inspired to start the…

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Must-Have Summer Flat Sandals

Summer means flat sandal season is here!  Spice up your wardrobe with our picks on the season’s best flat sandal options.  Whether you’re looking for…

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8 Best Two-Piece Swimsuits this Summer

It’s that time of year again – bikini season is approaching, and women everywhere are either excited to show off a hot new swimsuit, or…

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10 One-Piece Swimsuits That Sizzle

With sunny days, sandy beaches, and cocktail parties around the pool, summer provides the opportunity to bring the heat in your new bikini. Bikini season…

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Sunscreen Skin Protectors

There is nothing worse than a bad tan line you have to live with for weeks, only to get another bad tan line the following…

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Summer Strappy Sandals

Summer style is boundless, and often, a time when we get to experiment a bit more.  Strappy sandals aren’t typically what you’d wear to the…

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5 Ways to Stop Procrastinating at Work

We all procrastinate at some point. Whether we’re putting off an important presentation or avoiding doing the laundry, dilly dallying happens from time to time.…

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How to Find Your Signature Look

All of us are a walking brand. What we do, how we speak, and even what we wear are all clues as to who we…

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The Working Woman’s Simple Baked Potato

Traffic was crazy again, you’re feeling stressed after the long day you’ve had at the office and the last thing on your mind is cooking…

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8 Reasons Why Solo Traveling Will Help You Discover Yourself

Making the decision to travel solo is exhilarating, intimidating, and time consuming. It’s the decision to embark on an adventure into the unknown—all by yourself.…


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30 Day Be More Positive Challenge

You create the story of your life. You have the freedom to decide if it’s a happy story or a downer. It’s all in the way you see things. You can see challenges as impossible obstacles or learning opportunities. You decide when you have enough (money, success, love), when you can start loving yourself, and when you love your life. What’s difficult about embracing positivity and choosing to be happy is that our minds get stuck in the negative.

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  • Our #WCW is the ever classy Audrey Hepburn. Not because she was beautiful, but because she was ambitious, kind and still gave back through her humanitarian work. #audreyhepburn #lifestyleblogger #style #fblogger

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