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5 Reasons Why You Need to Be Blogging for Your Corporate Career

Even if you have no interest in blogging full-time, starting a blog can actually speed up your success in a corporate career. Ready to start…

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What the Harvey Weinstein Shit Storm Has to Teach Us About Humanity, Work & Power

If you haven’t heard about the Harvey Weinstein shit storm that has dominated the airwaves lately, the New York Times and The New Yorker wrote…

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Les Naly
5 Tips to Figure Out Your Next Career Move

What in the world do you want to do for your next career move? This is a question that you will never stop answering. There…

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Here’s Why You Need to Work for a Startup

Nothing replaces work experience, and there is no better place to learn than working at a startup.  I’d even dare to say that spending my…

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5 Ideas to Supercharge Your Mornings and Improve Every Day

Is it time to finally supercharge your mornings? If you’re tired of rolling out of bed and rushing to the door, I would say it…

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Notes by Naly: Fall Ambitions

October is here, and things are on a roll here at Les Naly. First, if you’re interested in interning for us, please send your resume…

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5 Tips on Dealing with Office Gossip

If kindness is magic, gossip is….the opposite of that. Maybe dark magic? Anyway, besides the obvious fact that gossip is not cool, it’s also harmful…

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5 Savvy Ways to Boost Your Income

Need some extra $$$ to make it through this month? Or are you working toward a financial goal you really want to hit? Either way,…

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Food for Thought: The Michelin Mind

If you don’t know about how much I love food, then you can catch up in another post.  As I get older, my penchant for…

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New York Pantone Fashion Color Report, Fall 2017

Fall is here and if you’re looking at your closet like I am, and thinking about how to upgrade to fall colors, then check out…


Notes by Naly

What the Harvey Weinstein Shit Storm Has to Teach Us About Humanity, Work & Power

At the intersection of humanity, work and power we have to find the silver lining in Harvey Weinstein's acts and question our own actions and the way power plays into our psyche.

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  • Remember the last time you thought your whole life would derail and yet you still got up anyway?  Your ability to defy expectations is beyond belief.  You will always prevail, XO, N. #empoweringwomen #bosslady #careerwoman #fempreneur #slay #vintage #red #instadaily
  • Don't lose your childlike faith. Let your imagination guide your success. Applauding you, N. #starsalign #universe
  • You are unforgettable... No one is you and that is your power. Everything you ever wanted - all your successes, accomplishments and triumphs are already inside of you.  If only you could see what I see.  By your side, XO, N. #goodvibes
  • The difference between succeeding and failing is believing with all your heart that you can.  Sometimes we think about our dream life and what that would look like.  We think about all the things we would have; the successes, the money, the respect, the love and abundance.  Well... what if you are living that life?  What if you just haven't gotten to that milestone yet? Don't give up yet, love. Always with you... XO, N. #yesyoucan #believeinyourself
  • Hey there, it's Naly! We're kicking off a new Insta theme and I couldn't be more excited.  I love the sexy, vintage, artsy look of these photos and I hope you do too.  I'll be posting more stuff on the site soon to inspire, motivate, and empower you, and myself, at work and life. Let's dominate at work in a bold, unapologetic way. Life's too short not to be the best version of yourself!  Follow me on Insta and RSS to my website for more. Thanks in advance, love. N. #bossbabe #bosslady #careerwoman #empoweringwomen #entrepreneur #instadaily #work #workworkwork

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