We partner with companies who have the same values – inspiring, motivating and empowering women at work and life.

Building strong business partnerships with other brands that share the same values and goals as Les Naly allows us to widen the scope of our vision by uniting under the same cause. Partnerships are carefully selected and will only be considered if it truly benefits our readers, not just the bottom line.


Our Audience

Les Naly is a niche influencer among career-minded women with a strong following of 11,400 Monthly Global Uniques and growing. 

Our readers are career conscious women ages 25 – 34 who are college educated and have a median household income of $50K to $150K.  We also attract ambitious young women ages 18 – 24 years old.  These tech-savvy women are navigating their careers, moving up in management or venturing out on their own business endeavors.  The majority of our readers are located in North America.




Advertising Opportunities


We work with you to develop custom impactful content that is educational, informative, entertaining and attainable to career conscious women.  We’re focused on bringing value to our readers in everything we produce.  Partners who work with us have the unique ability to tell their story and bring value to our readers through our writers.


 Display Ads

We offer the ability for display advertising on the site in a variety of formats.  Whether you’d like to advertise on our homepage, in a certain topic page or specific types of posts, we work to provide value to both our readers and partners.


Our readers enjoy a bi-weekly e-newsletter delivered direct to their inbox.  They receive updates from the website and special content that only our subscribers receive.  We provide opportunities to partners to advertise within these e-newsletters.



We will be launching LNTV in 2018 with the express goal of inspiring, motivating and empowering women with real, attainable work advice.  Hosted by our Founder and CEO, Naly Rice, the digital show will cover a range of topics relevant to the modern working woman.


Contact Us

Thank you for considering a partnership with Naly Rice.  If you’d like to receive a copy of our media kit, discuss potential opportunities, or inquire about our full-service digital marketing agency, LNCG, please email