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Les Naly is the premiere online editorial destination for career women. Our mission is to inspire, motivate and empower modern women across the globe to succeed in their careers and life. It’s a place to learn, share, grow and be inspired. Every single piece of content that we develop and produce is created with you in mind.

We want to build real value for women that delivers a great editorial experience covering topics in career, style, beauty, design, cuisine and life. And we’ll always carve out some topics (and time) on reconnecting with yourself, and learning to live a life set on your own terms.

Les Naly is a media and commerce company connecting with women through online editorial content and an online boutique selling specialty goods.

Our vision for supporting a global generation of career minded women

Inspire. Motivate. Empower


Our mission is to inspire, motivate and empower modern women across the globe to succeed in their careers and life.


We believe that when women have a repository of inspiration and are given the knowledge, mentoring and tools to motivate them to take action, it empowers them to have the confidence to live a life set on their own terms.

Beauty Without Bunnies

We are proud members of PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies Program. We make products that are not tested on animals, and work with suppliers with the same standards. You can find our official listing on the cruelty-free list on PETA’s website.

Robust Editorial Content

Content that connects.

Les Naly is a destination to inspire, motivate and empower. There is nothing more powerful than words. Through LesNaly.com we will cover topics that matter to the modern career woman at work and in life. Our goal is to speak to readers with the same kindness, candor, humility and wit that we would with our own friends.

Free Downloads

Growing through giving.

Building value means creating content and providing content that women can use again in their own lives. By providing free downloadable content, we keep our promise of empowering women to live a life set on their own terms.

Product Development

Building with integrity.

At Les Naly, we want to build quality products with integrity. That means we dream and create products for women that enhances their life while doing good at the same time. Our products, whether made in-house or through partners, excludes fast fashion and unsafe working conditions for families at home and abroad.


Spreading positivity.

Living a life set on your own terms means understanding your self worth and having control over your mind, body and spirit. We promote women through positivity and connect with women who have inspiring stories.


Uniting for a greater cause.

Building strong business partnerships with other brands that share the same values and goals as Les Naly allows us to widen the scope of our vision by uniting under the same cause. Partnerships are carefully selected and will only be considered if it truly benefits our readers, not just the bottom line.

Inspiring, Motivating & Empowering content + products for millennial career-minded women.

  • There is one thing I did that helped me reach my goals - change my mindset. Stop thinking of things in scarcity and see things in abundance, stop thinking about what could go wrong and start thinking about what could go right, stop believing the naysayers and start thinking "I can do this - I am doing this," stop procrastinating and start doing!  Even if you go at a slow pace, you're still going and evolving and becoming.  Never give up on your dreams! #Igotthisforlife Outfit| Shoes @zara Dress  @anntaylor Blazer @ninewest .
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  • “Other people’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality.” - Les Brown
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  • You never know how far people have come until you take a walk in their shoes. Shoes from  @zara #style #styleblogger #careerwoman #fempreneur #bosslady #bossbabe #womensfashion #womenempowerment #instastyle #instadaily #fashionblogger #lifestyleblogger #heels #classy
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  • When I announced that I was starting my own company I got mixed reviews.  Although some people were really excited, there were plenty others who didn't support my decision.  Naysayers accused me of being selfish, talked behind my back or worse - said that I had a "fake" business.  I pushed past the negative vibes, disciplined myself to work hard, and focus on my goals.  Today, I'm writing a personal post about 10 lessons I learned after starting my own business.  Hint: how people react says a lot more about them, then it ever will about you. If you're thinking about starting a business, I hope this post helps you push past some obstacles.  #yougotthis #wegoingallthewaythistime http://ow.ly/hN4n30gt6hr
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