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6 Finance Books to Add to Your Summer Reading List

There’s something about the heat of summer that has us slipping up on our goals. Don’t just blame it on the season and kick back until fall, get your hands on these 6 finances books to propel you forward. There is so much valuable information here. Take your Netflix break, but after that, pick up one of these finances books and get inspired to blast your income goals.

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1. Money: A Love Story

Ever since I listened to Kate Northrup on the Vibrant Happy Women Podcast, I knew I had to read her book, Money: A Love Story. Kate has a pretty amazing story going from thousands of dollars in debt to financial freedom, but the way she did it was really fascinating. In her book, Kate treats money as a relationship and teaches that it’s something you should actually love! That may sound crazy to you now, but you’ve just got to read it to believe it. I mean, can you imagine opening up your favorite budget apps and feeling love? Add it to your reading list, my friend.

2. Get Rich, Lucky Bitch!

Denise Duffield Thomas and her book, Get Rich, Lucky Bitch! are everything. What I love about them are that they take ‘manifesting’ your dream income to a really practical level. Denise is an Australian Queen (not really, but you know what I mean). She is one boss lady! While the name of the book may make you hesitate, just think of it as a preview of Denise’s fun personality. Within one month of reading this book, I doubled my income. A few months later, I tripled it. There isn’t anything complicated about the strategies Denise uses. They just make a whole lot of sense.


3. You Are a Badass at Making Money

Jen Sincero is well known for her first book, You Are a Badass, but this second one is quickly becoming a favorite. You Are a Badass at Making Money is about transforming your money mindset. If you’ve ever thought something like, “Making money is so hard,” or “I can’t make more than my partner,” or “I’ll never reach 6-figures,” this is one of the finance books you need to read. Jen is all about getting over the fears and blocks that keep you from making money. Once I started exploring this area I was so surprised by what came up. I had no idea what beliefs I had that had been holding me back. Taking free Ivy League courses might make you feel like a Badass, but pair that with this book and you’ll be wealthy and smart.


4. Essentialism

This is quite possibly my all time favorite book. While you might not think of Essentialism as one of the top finance books of our time, I assure you, it is. Essentialism is about kicking everything that’s not necessary out of your life to make time for the best things. Now apply that to your finances. This book is such an easy read and it’s jam-packed with value. If minimalism has every piqued your interest or even if you’re closer to landing a spot on Hoarders, Essentialism will help you focus on the most important things in your life so that you achieve more in those areas.


5. The Richest Man in Babylon

Even though The Richest Man in Babylon was made in the last century and doesn’t look like a fun read, you will come to really like this book. I was as skeptical as they come, but my husband had told me all these great things about it so I gave it a try. I was seriously surprised. The format actually reminded me a lot of The Alchemist, which people are loving right now. It’s an interesting fictional story that is chockful of financial insights and these are some deep insights. This book actually makes reading finances books seem like a good time. I hope you enjoy it!


6. The 4-Hour Work Week

Heard of Tim Ferriss? Maybe you’ve listened to his very popular podcast or just heard of him in passing, but this is the book that made his career. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or corporate professional, you can learn a few things from The 4-Hour Work Week to make the most of the time you spend at work. And when you’re working more efficiently, you can make more money. Tim Ferriss and his strategies in this book really turned around beliefs about money and career that had been held for a hundred years. It’s worth giving it a read.




What are your favorite finance books? Share your picks with us in the comments below.

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