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6 Fashion Apps Every Career Woman Needs

What comes to mind when you think of the ultimate career woman? More than likely, you’ll envision a woman who is intelligent, powerful, independent, and charismatic – oh, and her style is on point.

“You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.” –Edith Head

One of the most important principles about fashion is that style should be effortless. But if you’re  busy climbing the corporate ladder yourself, you may not have the time to spend hours flipping through glossy magazines, shopping online, browsing through your favorite department store, or using up your brainpower to piece together a trendy outfit.

To make life easier as a combination career woman/fashionista, check out these six fashion apps every career woman needs.

1. Vogue Runway

Obviously, Vogue needs to be part of this list. The Vogue Runway app is great for gaining fashion inspiration by watching the world’s best runway shows. Watch whenever you have a few minutes to spare, save your favorite looks, and figure out which trends you’ll be showing off next season.

2. Villoid

Think of Villoid as a version of Pinterest that is completely dedicated to fashion. You can create your own style inspiration boards, follow the boards of your fellow fashionistas (as well as brands), and even purchase individual items directly.

3. PS Dept.

Shopping can be fun, but it’s also time-consuming. Save yourself the hours and legwork by downloading PS Dept. – the equivalent of having a personal shopper right at your fingertips. After setting up a profile, just let them know what you’re looking for and a personal shopper will search around for you. Use this app to shop for specific items like a mid-heel pump, or ask for a general selection like workwear or day-to-night outfits for those after-work cocktails and dates.

4. Stylebook

Stylebook is the only app on this list with a download fee ($3.99), but its users say it’s totally worth it. Every career-minded female knows one of the keys to success is organization; so why not start with your own closet? Stylebook allows you to take inventory of your entire wardrobe, catalogue each item, create complete outfits, and keep track of what you’ve already worn. Not only will this help save time getting dressed in the mornings, but it also makes planning a packing list for those business (or pleasure!) trips a breeze.

5. Gilt Groupe

For luxury brands at affordable prices, Gilt Groupe is one of the best apps out there. From clothing to home furnishings, check periodically to see what Gilt is featuring as their discounts du jour (each discounted offer is only available for a limited time). Now you can wear those designer labels and look like a swanky CEO without dipping into your emergency savings account.

 6. Stitch Fix

The only think more luxe than having your own personal shopper is having your own personal stylist – someone to worry about putting together the perfect look for that big interview or dinner out with clients. Customize your profile with your fashion tastes, clothing size and budget, and Stitch Fix will send you five various clothing and/or accessory items. After that, you’re free to try on your style picks, keep and pay for what you like, and send the rest back in a prepaid envelope. Also, you get 25% off your order if you purchase all five items. It really doesn’t get much easier than that.

Thanks to smart phones, you can look fierce and stylish with minimal time and effort. After all, fashion should be a source of joy and inspiration in our lives – not panic and stress.

Do you have a favorite fashion app? 

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