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5 Ways to Deal With Negative People

Bad days come and go, but what happens when a good day turns bad simply because someone else is having a bad day? It’s unfair, yet many people unknowingly let those around them influence their own attitude. This means if your coworkers are chronic complainers or your best friend can’t see the good in anything there’s a high chance that this is influencing your own mood. Here are 5 ways to deal with negative people.

1. Don’t.

As a friend—or even just as a decent human being, really—it’s your duty to help out people in distress. However, there’s a difference between distress and pessimism. If somebody around you can’t seem to say anything positive, then you’re better off focussing on yourself and leaving them be. Kindly let them know that you understand and sympathize for them, but that for your own wellbeing you need to put yourself first and lately their mood has been really bringing you down. Two things could happen here; Your friend will either thank you and give their head a shake, or your friend will understand and leave it be (and then complain about you to the next person willing to listen.)

2. Make a List

If the negative person around you happens to be your boss, then you really can’t say anything. However, when your superior never sees the good in anything it can really add a damper to the workplace and this negativity can begin to transfer over into your personal life. To avoid this, make a list of all the things in your life that make you genuinely happy. Whenever you feel the need, read this list and your mood will instantly lighten—you’ll probably even crack a smile while reading it.

3. Make Introductions

Negative people are either discontent with their own life, or have dealt with less than ideal experiences in the past that have left them feeling hopeless. A lot of the time, these negative people might not even realize that their outlook on life is impacting others in a negative way. To help them begin to appreciate and see the good in things, introduce them to new activities and people. For example, invite this person to your weekly yoga class. It could serve as an uplifting experience that will allow them to realize that there is so much to be discovered.

4. Listen but Don’t Hear.

You can only take so much negative conversation before you explode. To avoid this, train yourself to listen, and not hear. This simply means that you can let people vent to you and acknowledge everything they say, but don’t allow yourself to truly contemplate anything that you are hearing. If you know that somebody only has a pestimistic outlook on life, you’ll just be left confused, frustrated, and potentially upset. To avoid this, simple listen and then change the tone of the conversation to something that makes you truly happy.

5. Remind or Leave Behind

Sadly, it’s just in some peoples’ nature to be pessimistic. To try and shift the negative thinking of others, you can always look for the good in what they’re saying and point this out. For example, if your friend is complaining about her job you can remind her how much this will help her handle conflict when she eventually finds a new one that she loves. Unfortunately, this won’t work with everyone. If the person you’re talking to is extremely stubborn then it’s best probably best to not overthink what they’re saying and just let it go in one ear and out the other.

Happiness begins with your attitude and outlook on life and it’s unfortunate that negative people can affect your wellbeing. By reminding yourself of all the good in your life, exercising judgement when addressing negative people, and distancing yourself from those who bring you down, you’ll be back to smiling in no time.

How do you deal negative people?


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