5 Makeup Products to Speed up Your Morning

5 Makeup Products to Speed up Your Morning

Maybe your alarm clock didn’t go off, or maybe you had hit the snooze button one too many times, and now, you’re running late! We’ve all been there. Even on the most frenzied mornings, you still need to look presentable even if you’re running late. Being late should never be an excuse to show up at the office looking unkempt, tired, and frazzled. Next time you’re short on time, just reach for these makeup products that’ll speed up your morning.

BB Creams

Swap out your regular foundation for a BB Cream–especially during warmer weather. In a pinch, a BB cream will act as a moisturizer, sunscreen, and light-coverage foundation. Your skin will look healthy and natural without feeling completely naked. If you haven’t already caught onto the BB cream craze, then now’s the perfect time. With the vast variety of BB creams available on the market, there’s one for every skin type out there.

Liquid Concealers

Liquid concealers are time-savers because they’re easy to blend, and you can build up the coverage as needed. Unlike stick concealers, liquid concealers don’t require you to warm them between your finger pads before you dab on the concealer. Save the stick concealers for special occasions or when you need heavy coverage. For daily use, just reach for a liquid concealer instead to cover dark undereyes and cover spots.

Face Palettes

Not only are palettes travel-friendly, but they’re also useful on a daily basis. All-in-one palettes combine blush, bronzer, and highlighter into one convenient case! Invest in a palette that works perfectly for your signature beauty look. This will streamline your beauty routine and eliminate wasting time digging through your drawers looking for your favorite blush, bronzer, and highlighter every morning.

Eyeshadow Palettes

Much like face palettes, eyeshadow palettes combine several shades to help create a variety of looks for any occasion. For everyday wear, grab a neutral palette with various shades of brown, taupe, and beige to create low-key yet polished looks for the office. An eyeshadow palette provides the convenience of variety without sacrificing quality. You can switch up your look without having to actually switch products.

Lip & Cheek Stains

Lip and cheek tints combine the best of both worlds! You can add a flush of healthy color to your cheeks, and use the same tint on your lips for bright and supple lips. The best part? Lip and cheek tints make color coordination easy and effortless. Dab on some lip and cheek tint in the morning, and toss it into your bag for quick touch-up’s later in the day.

We love makeup unabashedly, and we’re proud to say that makeup, much like fashion, is a part of our armor as career women. While we do love makeup, we also realize that none of us have the luxury of endless time for makeup everyday. That’s why we love multipurpose makeup that help speed up our mornings!

What are your favorite multipurpose makeup products?


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