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4 Steps to Finding Your Passion and Scoring a Dream Career

No matter your age, finding your passion and scoring a dream career can seem impossible. While it was convenient to want to be a singer or princess, or astronaut when you were younger, it’s time to figure out what calling is unique to you. Follow these 4 steps to finding your passion and you’ll have a clearer vision of what you want to do and how you’ll get there.


1.Understand Your Personality

It’s incredible how much understanding yourself and your individual preferences can factor into finding your passion and dream career. We often get caught up in careers that we think we ‘should’ do, but that actually don’t interest us.

16 Personalities has a free personality test that will find your personality and describe how you are likely to behave. From there, you’ll be able to look at careers that might fit your behavior tendencies perfectly. Working in a position where you’re forcing yourself to fit often doesn’t last long. For our readers who try the free personality test, we have a special promo code (LesNaly2017) for 20% off a premium profile.

2. Think without Boundaries

One exercise that’s a popular way to discover new passions and career ideas is a limitless brainstorm. Get in a quiet place and start writing down all the things you enjoy doing. Don’t limit yourself to things you think make money or things you should like. Write down everything you can think of. Second, write down all your strengths. Your strengths may be things you know you’re good at, things people have told you you’re good at, and things that come naturally. Once you’ve got your list together, you can start looking at your strengths and your passions and see the many ways they might align into a career. Don’t be afraid to think creatively. There are careers you might fit that you don’t even know exist!

3. Interview Your Dream Career

Once you’ve got a list of career ideas, get to finding your passion by interviewing people with those careers. If you think being a stylist might be interesting, contact several stylists and see if they’ll meet you for coffee or let you buy them lunch. Come to these meetings armed with questions. This is your chance to see if you’re really interested in a career. You’ll save time by figuring out beforehand if it’s the right passion for you.

4. Take One Step Forward

Choose 1-2 of your ideas and take one step closer toward accomplishing them. After you’ve done the pre-work of learning about your passion or career, it’s time to take action. You’ll never know what you think of a career or business idea unless you actually try it. Brainstorm again and figure out one thing you could do to start working toward your potential dream career. Can you take an online class or talk to potential clients about what they want? Go do it.

What passions or careers are you interested in? Share some of your list with us in the comments below!

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