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31 Questions Every Woman Should Ask Themselves At The End of The Year

Another year is coming to a close, which is the perfect time for every woman to ask themselves certain questions at the end of the year.  It’s an opportunity to reflect on how much you’ve grown.  Time to learn from mistakes made, relish in the joys of triumphs won and reflect on life’s ever-changing path.

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Make yourself a cup of coffee or tea, find a quiet spot, and if it helps, pull out a journal and write it down.  Approach this exercise from a place of content and gratitude and not with judgment or fear.

  1. Was I kind to myself?

  2. Was I kind to others?

  3. Did I accomplish at least one goal?

  4. What was the nicest thing I did for someone?

  5. What was the nicest I did for someone?

  6. Where am I feeling stuck?

  7. How could I have done better at work this year?

  8. What did I spend my free time doing?

  9. What did I procrastinate on? Why?

  10. Was I financially responsible this year?  Why?

  11. When did fear hold me back?

  12. What was my bravest moment?

  13. What made me laugh the hardest?

  14. What made me cry?

  15. How have I been open-minded?

  16. Was I happy with my job/career?

  17. What held me back from doing what I wanted to do at work?

  18. What are things I can let go of?

  19. Did any past fear, pain, hurt hold me back? Why?

  20. What would I do differently?

  21. When did I leave my comfort zone?

  22. What new habits did I adopt?

  23. How often did I give thanks

  24. What am I most grateful for?

  25. Was I selfish enough this year?

  26. Did I feel spiritually connected to myself?

  27. Where and how did I make a difference?

  28. Who impacted me the most this year?

  29. Who should I spend less time with next year?

  30. Am I happy?

  31. What can I do next year to make sure I’m the happiest healthiest version of myself?

You can really ask yourself these questions whenever you feel it is appropriate.  However, the new year tends to be a great time for self-reflection.  After asking and answering these questions, feel free to share this list with a woman you know who might benefit from reflecting on their year!

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